Corona Virus and Education Crisis in Kenya: Lessons Learnt


  •   Robert Bisonga Mwebi


Since the emergence of COVID pandemic, the education sector seems to have been worst hit due to closure of all learning institutions worldwide, as a way of containing the spread of the disease. Consequently, most institutions have adopted remote learning as an alternative to offering education to the learners. However, a myriad of challenges have ensured that threatens the attainment of SDG goal number 4 on quality of education. This paper attempts to discuss the challenges that are facing online education in Kenya and its likelihood of propagating traditional social inequalities that threatens the attainment of sustainable development goal on quality education. The paper recommends the need to come up with a policy to ensure harmony in the way e-learning is conducted to enhance quality, equity, and access to educational opportunities for all learners in Kenya.

Keywords: Access; Education; Equity; Quality


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